Heavy machining and industrial segment manufacturing

Azin Forge is one of the pioneer industries which utilize unique heavy machinery, nearly 60 machineries, including 9 m lathe machine with chuck dimensions of 4.5 and 1.6 m, semi-heavy lathe machinery, CNC boring and lathing machines and spark, to produce heavy steel parts which are normally employed in oil, gas, petroleum, petrochemical and power plant industries.

Product samples

  • Parts of Ball-Valves (Body, Ball)
  • Closure, adaptor
  • Stem
  • Types of shafts (of compressors, turbo compressors and electro-motors)
  • Types of flanges
  • Wellhead valve parts
  • Types of cylinders and disks
  • Self re-inforcement components
  • Tube sheet plate

Azin Forge is able to manufacture compatible-with-standard products, which are applicable in petro-chemical industries including: ASME, API, NACE and so on.