Producer of forged parts, rings, flanges, thick-walled seamless pipes, earthing belts, heavy and light parts machining


The main products of Azin Forgh Company: Industrial parts, heavy machining, cylinders, all kinds of steel pipes, alloy, stainless steel, anti-theft belt, forging / cutting and deep drilling. Please refer to the article’s details for additional information on… Read more


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Azin Forge

Azin Forge is the biggest company of private sector in North Khorasan province, Iran, which is located in vicinity of Esfarayen Industrial Complex with production capacity of 15000 tons of various types of industrial components annually… Read more

Azin Forge from the perspective of others

Azin Forge, from the outset, believing that the core capital of any organization is the human resources of that organization, has attracted skilled and hard-working people as the mainstream of its human resources development strategy, and by providing the same opportunities for graduates to work through defining specific solutions. Attracting and employing; Over the years, he has developed his undergraduate and managerial body from among the people who have the necessary qualities.